Body oil vs. lotion


Making time for effective body care is essential for maintaining smooth, healthy-looking skin. Find out the unique benefits of body oils and lotion.

Pampering body care that works for you

Oils and lotion are great at keeping the skin smooth and hydrated, playing a crucial role in any body care routine.

Enjoy a bit of rejuvenating ‘me time’

It’s easy nowadays to get caught up in the chaos of day-to-day life and neglect your own well-being. Pampering and moisturizing your body is a simple way to switch off, as you indulge your senses and leave the skin looking and feeling beautiful.

Body oils vs. lotion: Finding your ideal moisturizer

Lotions and body oils are vital for keeping the skin looking smooth and beautiful, preventing skin from drying out. Both offer unique benefits as a dry skin treatment.

Body oils, although liquid as water, leave an oily residue that absorbs slowly. However, this makes them very effective at locking in moisture, keeping dry skin hydrated for longer and leaving skin with a healthy-looking glow.  NIVEA® Oil-Infused Lotions are indulgent treats for the skin after a bath or during an evening of pampering.

Alternatively, lotions have lighter textures. They replenish, moisture and relieve any rough areas of skin to leave it supple and moisturized. No need to worry about any sticky residues, as our lotions absorb quickly to get you out the door in record time!

NIVEA Body Oils in Lotion: The best of both worlds

Enjoy the indulgent care of oils in a fast-absorbing body lotion with this sensual new range of products from NIVEA®.

A unique concept for moisturizing your body

The problem until now has been that some body oils deliver intensive care to dry skin, but can feel quite heavy on the skin and take a while to absorb. Now your skin can benefit from the intensive care of indulging body oils in a smooth, non-greasy lotion. Based on 100 years of skin care expertise, NIVEA® has formulated an innovative Oil Infused Body Lotion range to offer the indulgence of oils in a fast-absorbing body lotion.

Precious ingredients have been blended with caring oils to create this unique lotion. The lotion provides intensive 24-hour moisture for skin that stays irresistibly smooth and beautifully radiant all day long.
Oil Infused Lotions

A truly sensual body pampering experience

The wonderfully delicate fragrances indulge your senses as the hydrating formulas with precious oils such as monoi, almond, jojoba, and argan nourishes your skin. Simply switch off and delight in a pampering treat in the comfort of your own home.

Four delightful varieties for you to enjoy

  • Coconut & Monoi Oil
  • Vanilla & Almond Oil
  • Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil
  • Rose & Argan Oil
What are the exclusive skin benefits of NIVEA Oil Infused Body Lotion?

Unique fragrances

A variety of formulas with different delicate scents mean you can choose an indulgent scent based on your taste and enjoy NIVEA’s carefully composed and refined fragrances.
What are the exclusive skin benefits of NIVEA Oil Infused Body Lotion?

A fast-absorbing formula

No greasy residue! Vanilla & Almond Oil Infused Lotion is quickly absorbed into the skin, so there is no waiting around.
What are the exclusive skin benefits of NIVEA Oil Infused Body Lotion?

Instantly smoother skin

Oil Infused Body Lotion leaves the skin moisturized and silky smooth with deep moisture for over 24 hours
What are the exclusive skin benefits of NIVEA Oil Infused Body Lotion?

Intensive, long-lasting moisture

The formula with precious oils provides intensive and long-lasting moisture for skin that feels pampered, smooth and beautiful.