Treat Yourself: Enjoy The Spa Experience At Home

Make your shower extra special by treating yourself and creating a personal little spa in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Transform your shower into a spa

Showering should be a time for you to relax, unwind and treat yourself to a private spa retreat.

A true spa experience

Long working days coupled with the stress of modern day-to-day life make a visit to the spa a tempting luxury. Why not save the hassle and cost by creating an at-home spa in your own private bathroom?

Set the scene by ensuring that the room is a comfortable temperature and choose your favorite fragrance to help you relax. Make sure there are no distractions or loud noises that could prevent you from fully unwinding.

Choose a pampering body wash such as Care & Hibiscus Moisturizing Body Wash. This luxurious formula with almond oil caresses your skin to leave it soft and smooth – the perfect addition to your spa experience. 

4 easy ways to create a soothing at-home sanctuary

  • Stay organized – excessive toiletries and other clutter will make it harder for you to clear your mind
  • Make yourself comfortable – from soft bath mats to comfy slippers, it’s the little things that will provide that spa touch
  • Pamper your body all over – pay attention to the areas that often get forgotten like your feet 
  • Place some beautiful scented flowers by the bath tub to brighten up the room
Tips for creating a spa ambience at home

Light some candles

Candles can really set the mood for creating a spa-like retreat in your bathroom. Their soft, flickering light will help your mind to switch off and fully relax.
Tips for creating a spa ambience at home

Dim the bathroom lights

The right lighting level can make a huge difference to the ambience in your bathroom. Low lighting levels in combination with candles or mood lighting is the key to a relaxing atmosphere.
Tips for creating a spa ambience at home

Heat up your towels

A warm towel is a little luxury you’d expect from a spa. There’s no reason you can’t warm up your towels at home as well to make exiting the shower or bath a much more comfortable experience – simply heat your towels up in the tumble dryer for a few minutes.
Tips for creating a spa ambience at home

Play some calming music

A lot of people claim that listening to soothing music helps them to clear their mind. Focusing on the gentle beat allows you to free your mind of any worries and enjoy the moment.
Tips for creating a spa ambience at home

Fill your bathroom with your favorite scent

Use a scent diffuser or room spray to enjoy a calming fragrance at your at-home spa. Scents are well known to boost your mood – perfect for enhancing the sensual spa experience.


A shower doesn’t have to be a rushed experience – turn your shower into a relaxing ritual by adding an element of pampering to your routine.

By turning your bathroom into your own personal spa, you’ve set the scene for a relaxing shower. NIVEA Foaming Silk Mousse body washes turns an everyday shower into a moment full of pleasure and indulgent care, leaving skin feeling moisturised and smooth.