How To Get Beautiful Lips

Lip care is a vital part of any skin care routine and learning how your lips work is the key to keeping them healthy and beautiful.

The importance of our lips

It’s essential to remember the many different jobs our lips have and why this means they need special care.

Why are our lips so sensitive?

Along with the fingertips, the lips have the highest number of touch receptors in the entire body. When receptors are concentrated in a certain area, it heightens your sense of touch, which is why lips can be so sensitive and why it’s so important they’re cared for in the right way.

The lip structure: How is it different from normal skin?

It’s obvious that the skin on your lips is different to the rest of the skin on your face because your lips have a very different role to play.

First, the upper layer of skin on your lips is much thinner and more delicate with just 3-4 layers of skin, compared with 15-16 layers on the rest of your face. The reason that our lips have a rosy tint to them is because lip skin doesn’t contain many melanin cells, so the blood vessels behind become visible.

One big difference between the skin on our lips and the rest of our skin is that our lip skin does not contain any sweat glands or hair follicles. This can mean that the lips don’t get as much moisture or oils and dry out more quickly. Using a moisturizing lip balm like NIVEA Lip Care Moisture on a daily basis will help replenish this moisture and keep lips looking beautiful.

How to make sure your lips stay beautiful

As the lips are so much more delicate than the rest of the skin on the face, it’s essential to use products that are gentle enough.

Not only are lips more sensitive to touch, they’re also much more susceptible to dryness in extreme weather conditions. Very cold temperatures, low humidity and wind can all cause chapped lips, so using a good moisturizing lip balm like NIVEA Lip Care Moisture during the winter months is essential.


Lips deserve the best care

Due to the fact that they have so many functions and a very delicate structure, lips need a lot of attention and care to keep them feeling smooth and looking healthy.
What do our lips have to do every day?


Anything we drink to hydrate ourselves must pass through the lips first. Drinking a lot of water will help to moisturise your lips from the inside and keep them looking smooth.
What do our lips have to do every day?


It is through our lips that we communicate with others – our lips are constantly on the go as we chatter away.
What do our lips have to do every day?


Using our lips to kiss others is a great bonding experience and the fact that lips have so many nerve endings in them can make it a pleasurable experience too.
What do our lips have to do every day?

Smiling and laughing

We use our lips to express our emotions on a daily basis. Isn’t it interesting how just a small movement in your lips from a downward motion to an upward motion can have such an impact on the impression you make on others?

What to do to get lips that look and feel beautiful

Getting beautiful lips needn’t be a chore – just follow a few lip care tips and properly indulge your pout.

5 top tips for beautiful lips

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol, which can both dehydrate the lips
  • Don’t forget your lips when you’re out in the sun – always use a lip balm with Broad spectrum SPF
  • Try very gently exfoliating your lips using your toothbrush
  • When you press your lips together, blood rushes to them, giving you instantly fuller-looking lips
  • Eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables to give lip cells the nutrients they need to stay beautiful

Finding the right lip care for your lips

There are a range of different lip products available to suit your individual needs.

Lip balms like NIVEA Lip Care Smoothness absorb into your lips quickly with their light formula and keep them soft and smooth.

If you’re looking for a slightly richer formula, NIVEA Lip Care Moisture contains extra ingredients like shea butter and almond oil and provides intense moisture to dry lips.

Alternatively, when the evening comes around and you’re looking for a bit of color, why not try a multi-purpose product like NIVEA Lip Care Shimmer – a lip balm and subtle lip tint in one!