Skin Care Tips For Any Skin Type

Anybody can get beautiful skin by understanding skin needs and following a few simple skin care tips.

Tips for healthy-looking skin

Your skin care routine and the products you choose are essential to having beautiful skin.

How to get smooth skin

The delicate facial skin and dry areas on the shins and elbows are usually given a lot of attention as part of the skin care routine. However, other areas are often forgotten.

This particularly includes the back and the stomach areas. These areas need special care too. If you find you don’t have enough time to moisturize them, try using NIVEA In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion to save time.

The driest areas of skin can be found on our knees, elbows and shins, which can get worse during the winter months and require more intensive care. Use NIVEA Essentially Enriched Body Lotion.

Beautiful hands and feet

Our hands and feet are very important body parts, helping us with almost all our movements throughout the day. Beautiful hands and feet are particularly eye-catching when well cared for.


Beautiful legs need moisture

The knee and shin areas in particular can suffer from dry skin. Intensive body lotions provide the skin with moisture and leave the legs looking beautiful and smooth. 

5 everyday skin care tips you can easily integrate into your beauty routine

  • Keep your favorite night-time skin care products next to your bed to save yourself time and help to make sure you remember to apply them
  • Treat your feet before going to bed: apply moisturizer and put on overnight socks
  • Always keep a hand cream in your handbag
  • Use an air humidifier during the winter months. Ideally, the humidity indoors should be 50-70%.
  • Make sure you clean your phone regularly with a disinfectant wipe. We leave our smartphones lying about everywhere, which means that bacteria gets on to the smartphone display. This bacteria can very easily end up on our cheeks and ears, and may lead to skin problems and blemishes.

What you eat and drink can affect your skin

Eating good foods for skin including so-called superfoods and keeping hydrated are key everyday skin care tips

The importance of hydration

Keeping hydrated throughout the day is essential for healthy skin, which is made up of two-thirds water itself. Not only does it provide the skin with moisture, it also flushes out any toxins which clears the skin of dirt and bacteria.

Drinking enough water is particularly important when you’re doing exercise. As we lose a lot of fluid when we sweat, starting to drink water the day before, the hour before, during and after exercise is essential to keep hydration levels high.

Fruit and vegetables usually contain high levels of water and the all-important nutrient potassium. That’s why making sure you’ve got enough of them in your diet is so important.

Keep drinking!

By drinking a lot of water, you’re refreshing your skin. Water supports the cells, transports nutrients. For optimum benefits, drink at least two liters of water a day.

Get glowing skin with coconut water

As an alternative, if you are looking for a beverage that is low in sugar, you may want to consider Coconut water, which is typically made up of 94% water, fat free and low in sugar – perfect for efficiently hydrating  by providing  vitamins, potassium and enzymes.

Green Smoothies

Thanks to all the useful antioxidants found in leafy greens, green smoothies are saviors for your skin. They’re also easy to prepare in the morning and can be enjoyed on the go or at the office.
Superfoods for beautiful skin


A favourite at health food stores, millet is rich in B vitamins, which is vital for healthy skin, hair, teeth, eyes and nails.
Superfoods for beautiful skin


Avocados are great for helping skin look healthy as they’re full of the healthy fats our skin craves. What’s more, they contain biotin, which is essential for healthy skin and hair.
Superfoods for beautiful skin

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with a number of nutrients to help maintain beautiful skin and they’re great for simply tossing over your muesli in the morning.
Superfoods for beautiful skin


Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, which help skin stay looking youthful, so add a few to your yoghurt or cereal and enjoy the benefits.
Superfoods for beautiful skin


Not only are these nuts rich in vitamin E, almonds are a great source of calcium too, which provides nutritional support for our bones, hair, skin, teeth and nails.

Beauty on the whole: Holistic skin care

Your lifestyle: how your levels of stress, sleep and exercise could be having a significant effect on your skin’s health

Beauty sleep: The secret to beautiful skin?

It’s when you’re asleep that your body and skin takes the time to regenerate and recover from your day-to day activities. It’s vital that you get enough sleep to allow for this process or your inner balance and skin could suffer.

Digital detox – removing yourself from the distractions of modern life

Nowadays, our lives are busier and more hectic than ever before, not least because of the amount of technology we seem to be ruled by. Taking occasional time out from digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers is absolutely necessary for rebalancing the mind and destressing.

The fact is that in a world fueled by social media and smartphones, we’re expected to be available and on-call 24/7, and that’s simply not healthy for our brains or bodies. The evening is the perfect time to disengage from the devices we hold so close during the day and let our batteries recharge. If the evening doesn’t suit you, weekends or even holidays work too.

Why not try switching off your smartphone and laptop 2-3 hours before you go to sleep or setting your phone to ‘airplane mode’. This break will give your mind the chance to recover from all the events of the day. Your skin is greatly affected by stress levels and will thank you for this break. When your mind is at ease, your skin will be too and this can be considered just another part of your skin care routine.
Beauty that radiates from the within: Tips for relaxing from stressful everyday life

Relaxation time within your own four walls

Take some time out for yourself: take a relaxing bath in the candlelight with gentle music. Sometimes the simplest forms of relaxation can be the best for escaping the stresses of day-to-day life.
Beauty that radiates from the within: Tips for relaxing from stressful everyday life

Massage: touch is the perfect remedy for your inner beauty

Treat yourself to a professional whole body massage and just let yourself go.  A couples massage can be a perfect way to reconnect with your loved one and spend some quality time unwinding together.
Beauty that radiates from the within: Tips for relaxing from stressful everyday life

Yoga for peace of mind

Yoga is a whole-body concept involving physical exercise and spiritual meditation. It boosts concentration, power, stamina and gives inner peace.
Beauty that radiates from the within: Tips for relaxing from stressful everyday life

Exercise to benefit your whole body

Exercise is great for skin in so many ways. Not only does it give it a healthy glow, the sweating process removes dead skin cells, encouraging cell renewal. Whether it’s going to the gym, going for a run or cycling somewhere – exercise is key to having healthy skin.
Beauty that radiates from the within: Tips for relaxing from stressful everyday life

Integrate mindfulness into your beauty routine

Why not use your skin care routine to squeeze in a bit of meditation? Breathe deeply to enable better circulation.
Beauty that radiates from the within: Tips for relaxing from stressful everyday life

Couples time – time out for love

Make sure to reserve one day a week to spend just the two of you and take regular time out on the weekend for romantic dates too.