Nourishing Skin Cream From NIVEA®

It is much easier to feel comfortable in your own skin when it is soft and healthy-looking. Find out how to care for dry skin on hands, body and face with moisturizer from NIVEA®.

What caring skin cream can do for you

Explore the benefits of all-in-one skincare and find the best moisturizer from NIVEA for dry skin to keep skin soft all year round.

Bye-bye residue

No one likes a body lotion or moisturizer that leaves a film on the skin. Whether you are heading straight to an exercise class or rushing out the door for work, you need a fast-absorbing cream like NIVEA Soft that delivers intense nourishment without leaving a thick residue.


Everyone knows that having healthy-looking, hydrated skin is a confidence-booster. The best way to achieve this is by having a dedicated skincare routine. With handy tins and tubes of NIVEA Creme, dry skin is easily cared for on the go.