The History Of Skincare

Some products come and go while others are favorites across generations. Explore how NIVEA Creme became an essential for skincare.

The NIVEA Story

NIVEA has been a companion for over 100 years, providing care that skin needs.

Introducing NIVEA Creme

Everyone knows the blue tin, white cream and distinct scent. In fact, this cream is loved by generations around the world for its moisturizing properties and its truly unique fragrance.

The story of NIVEA skincare

NIVEA started out in 1890 when pharmacist Dr Troplowitz acquired a laboratory for dermatotherapeutic preparations in Hamburg. It was here that Troplowitz worked together with scientific consultant and dermatologist Professor Unna to create the first water-in-oil emulsion.

They discovered a new ointment base called Eucerit®.  This is a special wax found that acts as an emulsifier. With this ointment, oil and water could be bound in a stable snow-white cream base for the first time. Prior to this creation, emulsions would react to changes in temperature and separate into water oil parts. 

The resulting cream formulated with lipids, oils and its unique scent launched in 1911. This marked the beginning of an unparalleled brand history.

The Impact of NIVEA Creme

Not only was NIVEA Creme an innovative product when first introduced, its packaging was also extraordinary.

A special machine was used to package the cream into aluminum tins which marked a turning point for modern cosmetics. 

It was no surprise that the snow-white cream was an instant hit. The formula was used as a lotion for body, face and hands, but also to care for children’s skin, as it was so gentle. 

Three years after its introduction, NIVEA Creme was sold in 34 countries. Today, NIVEA Creme is still NIVEA’s best-selling product, with more than 15 billion tins being sold since its launch.

Did You Know?

  • No other NIVEA product is more universal and versatile than NIVEA Creme.
  • NIVEA Creme can be used for body, face and hands.
  • NIVEA Creme is suitable for all skin types.
  • NIVEA Creme helps protect against the effects of cold weather conditions by providing a protective moisture layer for the skin.
  • NIVEA Creme is more than a cream — it is your skin’s best friend.