The daily routine: Showering

A guide to having the perfect shower routine 7 days a week

Discover all about altering your shower routine for the different days of the week – your priorities change throughout the week so why shouldn’t your showers?

7 days of the week – 7 different showers

How to tailor your shower products to suit the different days of the week.

Why it’s important to adapt your showers

Very few people have the same daily routine throughout the week. Lifestyles can vary greatly and so can shower routines. That’s why it’s essential to modify your shower routine depending on the day of the week and your personal needs.

There’s a big difference between a rushed shower before work and a long shower during the weekend or at night. They serve different purposes and the way you approach them should be different too. 

A lot of this comes down to planning. If, for example, you only wash your hair twice a week, try to choose these days based on your lifestyle and plans for those days. If you’re anticipating a lazy Wednesday evening, plan to shower and wash your hair then! If you have to be at work extra early on Friday, plan for a short, basic shower that morning.
Preparing for these situations in advance and using products that suit your plans will help to make showering an enjoyable and positive part of your day.

A relaxing shower at the weekend


After a busy work week, most people look forward to a more relaxing shower come the weekend. With no time pressures, weekends are a great opportunity to enjoy some ‘you time’ and treat yourself to some rich and indulgent shower products.

The perfect shower routine

Whatever day of the week it is, kick-start each day with a wonderfully refreshing shower.

Why is your shower such an important part of the day?

Some people say that they don’t feel ready for the day until they’ve had their shower. Showering can be a refreshing and invigorating experience and has the added benefit of making you feel more alert and wide awake. By taking a shower in the morning, not only are you cleansing your skin, you’re also giving yourself a boost of energy for the day ahead. 
Showering can also be a great confidence booster. Who doesn’t like the feeling of freshness to start the day? Enjoying a shower as part of your daily routine has been proven to make you feel better about yourself.

Don’t rush yourself!


Always allow yourself enough time to shower properly. If you rush through the process, it will make you feel stressed and uneasy. Showering should be a positive and enjoyable experience that rejuvenates your body and mind – so take your time!

Tips for making your shower routine special

  • Prepare all of the products you want to use before hopping into the shower
  • Put on some of your favorite tunes in the background – and sing along
  • Dim the lights slightly to create a more calming atmosphere
  • Switch up the NIVEA® Body wash products that you use – variety is the spice of life!