Bathroom Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

These tips and tricks will make your time in the bathroom less of a chore by revamping your storage solutions and making cleaning more efficient.

Save yourself space with these storage hacks

Small bathrooms have become the norm in modern times, but by rethinking your storage with these life hacks, you could revolutionise your space.
Make the most out of your bathroom.

Think outside of the box

Making the most of the space you have is all about rethinking some of the rules you’ve been brought up with. If the conventional layout doesn’t work for you, it’s okay to challenge the norms and reorganise your storage ideas.

Spice up your bathroom.
Bathroom storage hacks you won’t want to miss

Spice racks aren’t just for the kitchen

Using spice racks to store toiletries and other beauty essentials is a great way to save surface space, but still have everything within easy reach.
Use unused space to your advantage with this bathroom hack.
Bathroom storage hacks you won’t want to miss

A shelf above the bathroom door

Always keep an eye out for areas of unused space that you could use to your advantage. Hanging a shelf above the bathroom door is perfect for storing items you don’t often need in an area that otherwise wouldn’t be utilized.
Give your bathroom a spa feel with this simple hack.
Bathroom storage hacks you won’t want to miss

Roll your towels instead of folding them

Rolling up the towels mean that they take up less space than when they’re folded – they will also give your bathroom more of that spa feel.
Never lose hair grips or bobby pins again.
Bathroom storage hacks you won’t want to miss

Stop losing hair grips

By attaching a magnetic strip to your wall, you can easily attach your hair grips to it, meaning there is always one there when you need it rather than tossed all over the bathroom.

Bathroom ideas to make your life easier

Follow these tips to streamline your bathroom routine and make it work for you.

Bathroom cleaning hacks: Tips for squeaky clean sanitary wear

Nobody looks forward to cleaning the bathroom, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little bit of creativity, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. Try stepping away from classic cleaning products to more natural solutions that are kinder on the skin and the wallet. . 
  • Sprinkling some salt on a grapefruit is useful for scrubbing the bath and removing any residues. 
  • Using baby oil to shine up any plastic or metal fixtures and fittings will leave them looking more polished than ever before. 
  • Try mixing some vinegar and water in a plastic bag and securing it around your shower head for a while to remove any clogged up grime. 
  • Bathroom mirrors and glass shower screens can be a pain to wipe down, but try using black tea to get them sparkling clean – an economical and efficient method!
Relax in the shower with the power of eucalyptus.
Wonderful hacks to spice up your bathroom

Hang a eucalyptus plant from the shower head

By hanging up a eucalyptus next to the shower head, the warm steam will cause the plant to release its oils, emitting a calming aroma to help you relax and de-stress.
Bathroom hack for shower curtains.
Wonderful hacks to spice up your bathroom

Say goodbye to squeaky shower curtains

If you’ve noticed your shower curtain squeaking, simply apply some petroleum jelly along the shower curtain rings to help them glide more smoothly.
Woman singing in the shower to shower music.
Wonderful hacks to spice up your bathroom

Boost your music

If you enjoy using your phone to listen to tunes when you’re in the shower or bath, placing it in a dry sink will help to amplify the sound.
Large mirrors are practical and make your bathroom appear bigger.
Wonderful hacks to spice up your bathroom

Make your bathroom appear bigger

Larger mirrors give the appearance of more space and are perfect for smaller bathrooms.
Happiness is a long, hot bubble bath
Tip to keep your bathroom tidy.

Arrange shower products logically

Try to only keep out the products that you use every day. The others can be stored away and only retrieved when needed. This keeps surfaces clean and clear, creating a tidier and more practical space.

3 bathroom tips to perfect your space

  • Keep the bathroom free of clutter at all times – this will help it to become the peaceful sanctuary you crave.
  • Always make sure to use bath mats to prevent slipping.
  • Create a ‘Do not disturb’ sign to hang on the door when you’re relaxing in the bath.