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Fruity, fresh or seductive? Intensive nourishment, effective cleansing or an invigorating 'hello world' effect? For particularly sensitive or very dry skin? NIVEA has a diverse selection of body washes on hand – from gentle shower cream to rich shower oil and revitalizing sports body wash. What is your preferred shower type?
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A splash of freshness and intensive cleansing
One person wants to provide their body with intensive care under the shower, while another needs a splash of freshness to really wake up in the morning. Still others are looking for refreshment after a strenuous workout or want to save precious time when showering and moisturizing their body. NIVEA has developed a body wash to satisfy every one of these needs.

From enchanting the senses to intensive cleansing
If you are the kind of person who likes to imagine you are jumping into a cool ocean or strolling through Mediterranean gardens while you are under the shower, an invigorating body wash is the right choice for you. NIVEA’s revitalizing body washes smell wonderful, like a refreshing sea breezes, citrus or exotic fruits and flowers, making them the perfect way to start the day in a good mood. If you like to take long showers and wash away your stress under the soothing warm water, NIVEA’s gentle shower creams will do wonders for you and your body. Their wonderfully soft foam pampers the skin with quality ingredients, while sophisticated fragrances enchant the senses. NIVEA is always looking for new fragrance inspirations, with the result that there is a great deal of variety in our body washes range. You can therefore look forward to new body washes to inspire you with wonderful fragrances all the time. Body washes that contain quality oils give your skin a particularly intense nourished feel. They provide your skin with extra intensive care, which is particularly advantageous for dry skin. Sensitive skin will benefit from a body wash with natural camomile extract, while very dry skin should rely on extra-rich shower oils. With fine exfoliating particles that make the skin noticeably softer, a shower scrub has a cleansing and nourishing effect.

Body wash for him – with a masculine fragrance
Men naturally want to give their skin optimum care in the shower. NIVEA MEN body washes have distinctive masculine fragrances and formulas for healthy looking skin. Give a particularly fresh start to the day with an invigorating body wash that contains menthol and smells of water mint. Special sports care showers are a real treat after a workout, thoroughly cleansing skin and hair and providing the body with renewed energy and long-lasting freshness at the same time.

Gently treated in the shortest time
Showering is not the only good thing for your body – for soft, radiant skin it is important to thoroughly apply a body cream after showering. But many people skip this step due to lack of time in the morning or the feeling that some creams leave a residue on the skin if they are not entirely absorbed. NIVEA’s innovative In-shower products are revolutionizing our shower and body care experience. In-shower products are simply applied to wet, clean skin and rinsed off under the shower. The result is an absence of any sticky residue – you are left only with beautifully nourished, velvety skin.