Rethink Soft

Rethink Soft


The word “Soft” is often associated with being weak, but often times soft can be powerful. That’s why Nivea, known for soft skin, has launched Rethink Soft--a campaign that celebrates examples of soft as powerful and asks us all to reconsider the perception of choosing soft.


For 100+ years NIVEA has perfected the art of giving us all soft, beautifully nourished skin. Our skincare products have been trusted around the world for generations. NIVEA is on a mission to challenge this negative perception of “being too soft” because soft, both emotional and physical, is what unites us all.


We've partnered with to understand the perception of soft today and help change its trajectory for tomorrow.

Soft is choosing empathy over victory

When Chandler Self fell in the final stretch of the Dallas Marathon, high school relay runner Ariana Luterman chose to lend a hand.

Why one marathoner chose softness over a medal

Only a quarter-mile from the finish line of the 2017 Dallas Marathon, two runners, Chandler Self, a 33-year-old psychiatrist...

Our Spokesperson

Jeannie Mai is a well-known television personality, style expert, producer and Emmy-award winning co-host of the talk show, “The Real.” She is committed to using her voice to celebrate the potential of others and is deeply committed to charities that advance women’s interests. As spokesperson to NIVEA’s Rethink Soft campaign, Jeannie shares her story of the impact that ‘soft’ has had for her:

“In the past, like many, I thought being soft was being weak. But there is power in being soft, and I’ve never learned that lesson more than during an end of a relationship. At first, you feel like you can’t be soft, and have to harden your emotions to protect yourself. I actually learned though that you need to be soft with yourself by being aware of your emotions, and letting yourself feel them. Being soft meant learning self-love, instead of self-criticism. And, more importantly, I learned the power in being soft with others. I’ve tried to carry this mindset and softer approach in all my relationships since then. That’s why I’m really excited to be partnering with @NIVEAUSA for their new #RethinkSoft campaign, helping others realize the strength in being soft (with yourself and others).” Nivea USA is a research-led nonprofit dedicated to educating and inspiring people to choose kindness. Through their research hub, Kindlab, they investigate the costs and benefits of kindness, and the role it can play in solving modern problems.

NIVEA has partnered with’s research arm to better understand the perception of soft today and develop a school-based program meant to bring awareness and education about choosing soft to kids. Every time you purchase* a NIVEA product, we’ll donate $1 to

*Beiersdorf, Inc. will donate $1 to for each NIVEA product purchased from September 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, up to $200,000. Please click HERE for more details. No part of your purchase is tax deductible.


Most people say it’s negative for a person to be referred to as being soft.



Half of people define the word soft as
being weak.



More than half of people believe we need more softness in the world today.


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