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Dry skin needs help

Care for your dry skin to make it smooth again.

Our skin’s natural protective barrier is damaged by wind, cold and heated air. It dries out, becomes cracked and raw. Rich nourishing moisturiser builds up the protective lipid layer and prevents dehydration. This is how your skin maintains its fresh and healthy appearance.

Why we develop dry skin

How to protect your skin

Pamper your skin with NIVEA Essentially Enriched Body Lotion. Formulated with Almond Oil, Essentially Enriched Lotion gives your skin the intensive moisture it needs, and transforms very dry skin into healthier looking, more nourished, hydrated skin.

Lips need extra care in winter

The skin on our lips is thin and sensitive and they can become particularly dry and cracked in winter. Use NIVEA Moisture Lip Care to keep lips moisturized all day.

Moisturising rituals – how to make dry skin beautiful again

Our tips for combatting dry skin

  • Do not use any irritating washing gels or heavily foaming make-up removal products on dry skin since they remove extra moisture from the skin's protective moisture barrier. Instead, use a moisturizing shower product such as NIVEA Creme Moisture-Moisturizing Body Wash and finish your showering routine with NIVEA In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion, which leaves skin smooth and supple.
  • NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter & Vitamin E protects the skin from drying out, intensively hydrates and provides 24+ hour moisturization. The nourishing formula absorbs quickly and instantly moisturizes.
  • For an even more indulging effect, use NIVEA Oil Infused Body Lotion with Vanilla scent. This lotion transforms dry skin into smooth, radiant skin. The unique formula with gentle Vanilla scent blends natural Argan Oil with a fast absorbing lotion. Provides moisture for 24 hours with no greasy feel.


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