Sensitive Stubble Shave Foam

200 ml


Chamomile Extract
Vitamin E
  • Instantly protects from 5 signs of skin irritation: burning, redness, dryness, tightness, micro cuts.
  • Ultimate smooth shave from the 1st stroke
  • For every stubble length
  • 0% alcohol (no Ethylalcohol)
  • Enriched with Chamomile

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Does shaving with a few days of stubble irritate and take too long? Get a comfortable shave for long and tough stubble. The results with this shaving foam: Smooth shave from the first stroke, and comfortable and healthy looking skin. This formula helps to fight the 5 signs of shave irritation: burning, micro cuts, dryness, tightness, and stubble itch. To use: Take a small amount of foam on your palms and massage directly on to face.


Warning: Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate.Do not store at temperature above 120F. Keep from freezing.Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children. For external

use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.Stop use if irritation develops.

Item Number 88588 (88588-07900-19)

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Tom R.
Faulty Dispenser
The Shave Gel is Great. The dispenser is lousy, it’s flimsy, awkward to press, leaked, get misplaced and off center causing very slow dispensing of product. I have had to return to cans of the Shave Gell within the past 3 months. Whomever designed and approved this dispenser should be fired. If the dispenser is not redesigned I will have to stop buying this product.
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Dispenser Fails
The shaving cream is excellent. I have used Nivea brand over the years and never had issues with the dispensing mechanism until this design. From the first use of a new can, the foam releases from the front as well as the back of the dispenser after being depressed. It's very messy and is a waste of product.
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N. F.
packaging is important...
I have always used Nivea Shave Gel and the product itself is excellent. However, 2 of the last 3 cans I purchased released their contents while sitting on the shelf overnight. Another one simply wouldn't provide more than a minimal amount of gel. Looking at the design of the top I can see that it must be cheap to manufacture, but performs badly. I am now using another popular brand but would have preferred to continue with Nivea. At least I won't open the cabinet to a shelf of dried foam. Brand loyalty (an outdated concept, I imagine) has limits.
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How to


Shake well before usage and keep can upright


Massage directly onto wet face


Shave using gentle strokes


Best, use NIVEA MEN Sensitive Skin & Stubble Balm

Special Ingredients

Chamomile Extract

Vitamin E

List of ingredients

The ingredients listed correspond to the current state of production. Since we regularly adjust our formulations to incorporate new scientific findings, the declaration of ingredients specified on the package applies in each case.

Included: Water, Isobutane,Laureth-23,Triethanolamine,PalmiticAcid,StearicAcid, Glycerin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Propane, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Sorbitol, Butane, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Propylene Glycol, Myristic Acid, Arachidic Acid, Oleic Acid, PEG-7M, Maltodextrin, Silica, Potassium Hydroxide, Piroctone Olamine, BHT, Fragrance, Maltodextrin