Silky Skin: The Power Of Silk


For many years, silk has been associated with ideas of indulgence. But how can you integrate that wonderful silky feeling into your skin care routine?

What makes silk so special?

Silk is a very precious textile and is considered particularly good for our skin.

The texture of silk

The texture of what we wear is very important as it determines how well we feel in our skin. The skin perceives how these textures feel using what are known as skin sensorial properties.

What makes the texture of silk so special is that it’s a smooth and flexible fabric. Unlike rough textures like coarse linen and unprocessed wool, silk feels soft on the skin.

The silkiest shower care from NIVEA

Using NIVEA Shower Silk Mousses in your skin care routine is a wonderful way to ensure smooth and soft skin.

NIVEA Shower Silk Mousses: A caring formula

NIVEA Shower Silk Mousses with NIVEA essential oils, silk extract and almond oil offer an indulging shower experience to leave skin feeling truly pampered.

Benefits of NIVEA Silk Mousse

  • It is intensively caring 
  • It has an ultra soft mousse texture
  • It leaves skin feeling silky soft to touch

Why use a shower mousse instead of a shower cream?

Mousses are perfect for all those looking for particularly rich and indulgent shower care. The innovative foam dispenser makes showering a fun and new experience. Just press down the header and a rich mousse will be released. The formula  is easy to apply and can be rinsed off in no time.

What’s more, you don’t need to use more mousse compared to a regular shower cream or gel – mousses last even longer!

Experience an indulgent showering sensation

The feeling of Shower Silk Mousse on your skin is like no other. Imagine being delicately hugged by creamy and silky mousse. The texture is rich but light and gentle at the same time. The only way to discover it is by trying it yourself.

How to incorporate NIVEA Silk Mousse Body Wash into your shower routine

Everybody enjoys a truly indulging showering experience. NIVEA has now developed a completely new shower sensation in its product portfolio that will make you fall in love with your shower all over again. The new Silk Mousse body washes with silk extract combine gentle care with pure indulgence and leave nothing but silky skin.

The caring mousses are available in three different variations:

Creme Moisture – made with the caring and moisturizing ingredients of Classic NIVEA Creme

  • Creme Moisture – made with the caring and moisturizing ingredients of Classic NIVEA Creme
  • Creme Smooth – made with silk extract for soft, silky skin in white peach & orchid blossom scent
  • Creme Soft – made with sweet almond oil for soft, silky skin in warm vanilla & jasmine blossom scent
All variants are very mild and caring, making them suitable for all skin types and everyday usage. They gently cleanse your skin without drying it out and leave it feeling soft and silky.