Cellulite on thighs: tips and advice

How to combat the appearance of cellulite on thighs
Cellulite is very common among women and unfortunately there’s no secret cure, but there are ways of improving its appearance to help you feel better in your own skin.

Cellulite: The facts

Find out what cellulite is, what causes it and who is most at risk.

What is cellulite and what’s it caused by?

Cellulite is when the fat beneath the skin pushes against the connective tissue. This is what causes the skin above it to look dimpled and bumpy – some people even say it looks similar to orange peel. There are varying degrees of cellulite and it can range from being barely noticeable to more severe and spread out over a larger area.

Although the formation of cellulite is natural process and won’t harm you, a lot of women don’t like the way it looks and want to get rid of it or at least minimise its appearance.

It's sometimes difficult to know what causes cellulite, as there are often different factors involved, including:
  • Dehydration
  • An unhealthy diet
  • A slow metabolism
  • Not being physically active enough
  • Changes in hormone levels
  • Having a high body fat percentage
  • Certain genetic make-ups

Common areas for cellulite to develop

Cellulite is most common around the thighs, bottom, lower stomach and hips. Although more common among overweight people, all body types can develop cellulite and 9 out of 10 women will experience it at some point in their lives.

How your lifestyle can affect your cellulite

A lot of people are not aware of this, but cellulite is actually greatly dependent on lifestyle. Being an active person and eating a healthy diet can have a significant effect on how visible your cellulite is – or whether you have it at all!

A high-stress lifestyle has been proven to increase the compounds associated with the development of cellulite, whereas exercising regularly and eating healthily can help to make cellulite less noticeable and even prevent it in some cases.

Women are more likely to suffer from cellulite than men

Due to the fact that women tend to carry more fat around their hips and thighs, they are more likely than men to suffer from areas of cellulite. Furthermore, females have less connective tissue, which also puts them at a higher risk of developing it.

Who is more at risk of cellulite?

  • Women
  • People with a family history of cellulite
  • People with an inactive lifestyle
  • Pregnant women
  • Older people, as the skin tends to lose some of its elasticity
  • People that are overweight

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Tips for improving the appearance of cellulite

Don’t let cellulite get you down – here are some ideas for reducing the appearance of cellulite on thighs and other body parts.


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