Formulated with Chamomile, Vitamin E and Provitamin B5, Sensitive Post Shave balm immediately helps to calm and soothe skin and alleviate skin dryness after shaving.

  • Overview

    Helps to soothe and calm the irritations caused by shaving.

    • Chamomile extract, Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 help to moisturize the skin without burning it.
    • This super-gentle formula soothes the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, moisturized and comfortable.
    • Specially formulated for sensitive skin, it is light and easily absorbed.
    • Dermatologically tested
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  • Ratings & Reviews

    Greatest post-shave product I've found I have researched, bought, and tried numerous different products to use after shaving. I have very sensitive skin that does not take kindly to every-other-day shaving, with a history of rash and razor bumps. This has been the smoothest, nicest product I have ever used. My face just feels calm after I put it on (simplest way to say it). There's no strong menthol being used to provide that fake cooling sensation used in other products to trick me into thinking they're working and then leave me with a rash anyway. This goes on, and does its job quietly. It barely takes a dime-sized amount to cover my face and neck too, so I like that it will last me awhile. June 30, 2014
    This is a good skin balm This stuff smells great and my skin feels fresh and smooth June 3, 2014
    great moisturiser i like this because it isn't greasy - really light and absorbs quickly December 6, 2013
    Methyl-paraben, really? I'm torn. I have used the product for years without being label conscious. These days I am. While the word on parabens' effects on the human endocrine system isn't final, there are enough questions that customer-focused (i.e., financially motivated) companies are increasingly looking for ways to formulate around their use. My hope was that Nivea would have been among that number if not leading the charge. Sadly, no. Five stars for efficacy of the product - it is thin, smooth, refreshing and effective. Was never disappointed over the years of use. Zero stars for a poorly considered ingredient choice which forces me to now look elsewhere. Net-net 2.5-3 stars. September 2, 2013
    Causes Discoloration of clothes-sheets I switched to Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm and have enjoyed using the product until I started to see discoloration of my clothing- around the collar of my shirts and pillow cases. It appears the sodium hydroxide in the product is the problem. After ruining multiple shirts and pillow cases, I unfortunately have stopped using the product. July 7, 2013
    Nearly perfect for my skin It is light, smells great, and does cool the skin. Even with 3.3 oz, you wind up using less than other balms or lotions. I will keep using it instead of the men's lotion I was using. May 30, 2013
    Non Pareil Without question, a beyond superior, superb outright after shave balm - and general skin lotion, best I have ever experienced, hands down. April 22, 2013
    Amazing This was the first NIVEA product I tried and I fell in love with it. Since trying this I have purchaced the whole NIVEA line and everything has been just as great. March 31, 2013
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