A mild, non-greasy formula with special moisturizers, Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 that delivers long-lasting moisture while repairing and regenerating the skin.

  • Overview

    Mild, non-greasy formula with special Moisturizers, Vitamin E and Provitamin B5.

    • Immediately calms skin discomfort due to shaving 
    • Provides intense long lasting moisture 
    • Helps protect against skin irritation

    Dermatologically tested

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  • Ratings & Reviews

    this is not the original sorry, it was a 5 star product, but flaver and consistence is not the same, I used only this product the last 10 years July 27, 2014
    The best It feels great on my skin and smells great i would not change a thing about this post shave balm June 3, 2014
    don't change the product - love it as it is - glass container and all love product and glass bottle - fits in my hand perfect - -scent fresher in glass-hate plastic - please don't change the product. June 3, 2014
    Not the "Original" This was my absolute favorite aftershave when it was first introduced, and my wife loved the scent, even more than the most expensive cologne I owned. At some point, Nivea decided to change the scent and I haven't used it since, and not because it was different, it was terrible. Naturally, when I saw the "Original" Replenishing Post Shave Balm for sale I grabbed it, thinking that the original scent was back. WRONG! I is just another re-packaging of a mediocre product. I would be a customer for life if they actually restored this to the original scent! July 21, 2013
    What happened? My husband has been using this product for a few years and has always loved it.....until now....it seems like the last container that he opened was runny and watery.....it has always been thick and rich until now. Did the formula change on it? He will continue to use it, but we were just wondering what happened to this batch. June 21, 2013
    Original scent is great I was thrilled to see the original scent return, although I still think it's a bit different from the original-original scent that was sold about 4-5 years ago. I LOVED that scent; and yes it did tend to stay with you for a while, I liked that (personal preference I suppose). I still have a little left in an old bottle from back in the day, which I use sparingly and only on special occasions. In my opinion, they smell slightly different, but I'll let my wife decide (self-proclaimed smell-ologist). June 14, 2013
    OK I don't care for the new scent of the Replenishing post shave balm. Tends to stay around too long and clinging. I liked the original product, but can use the new "improved" version. I'll probably switch to the "sensitive" after shave lotion because of this. August 3, 2012
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