A Kiss of Mint & Minerals Refreshing Lip Care

Refresh with the cooling sensation of a Mint & Minerals Kiss.

  • Overview

    • The smooth textured balm is enriched with Shea Butter and a refreshing hint of mint.
    • Enriched with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, this formula soothes and helps protect lips from dryness.
    • Long-lasting moisturization.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    A Kiss of Mint & Minerals Refreshing Lip Care 4.9 5 8 8
    Thank God For This Lip Balm!!!!! :D Before I started using this chapstick, my lips were sooo dry!! I used Lip Balms but when I used them, my throat became dry and most of the time I would lick it off by "accident" (I usually got the ones with flavors... and no. I am not ashamed for admitting that I licked it off!!!!) I used Blistex for awhile but it stopped giving my lips moisture and I had to reapply it a lot more than when I first got it. But then my mom got A Kiss of Mint & Minerals and I was amazing on how well it worked!!! Now dry, chapped lips don't exist for me anymore!!! I wear this under lip gloss and before I go to bed. Every time I use it, it leaves my lips soft and silky with the tingling sensation of the mint! I also love how its a lot lighter than most chapsticks I have tried and gives off this subtle shine. You should totally give it a shot if you are considering!!! You won't regret it! July 20, 2014
    Great product - This is far better than those other chapped sticks that literally feel like wax ..By switching to Nivea My lips never felt so moisturizing.. . Before my lips would stay dry , now with this and my lipstick and gloss on top , its taking my lips to a sexy supple appeal. Love it ! December 24, 2013
    Even Guys Use It I work on a dock and do not want some fruity smelling goop that leaves a color on my lips. Nivea Mint & Minerals gives a light, durable coating that prevents chapped lips in the wind and cold. Also works well in the sun. Much lighter, non-greasy feel than bee's wax products. December 12, 2013
    THE BEST LIP BALM It is very settle lip balm which feels great. Especially when mine gets very irritate it it cools it off with its minty essence. definitely one of my favorite lip cares out there and one of the best of its kind. November 26, 2013
    Great moisture for my lips! This product is a great moisturizer and has the perfect amount of shine, I use it over my lipstick and looks great! I especially love the mint flavor, it is so refreshing and doesn't make me feel that I am using medicine on my lips (like some other lip balms). Love, Love, Love this product!! July 23, 2013
    One of my favorites. Literally is a kiss of moisture for your lips. It's not too heavy and leaves a refreshing tingle to your lips. April 30, 2013
    Best combination of characteristics! I was an avid Nivea Smoothness chap stick user, but I didn't really like how greasy and shiny it left my lips. It did a good job, but not excellent, so I decided to try this mineral mint Nivea chap stick, and it was instantly my favorite!! The hint of mint is very pleasing and shields bad breath (also gives a slight, not overpowering, cooling effect). It has more of a matte appearance on lips with a slight shine that makes them look super soft and supple, but not greasy. This chap stick healed my lips MUCH faster and better than the other Nivea i used. It seriously makes my lips look just as good, if not better than the $20 Sugar chap stick sample I got from Sephora. Highly recommend this chap stick! April 7, 2013
    A perfect balance FINALLY. That's all I can say after trying about 10 different chapsticks from drug stores to free samples to expensive ones in boutiques. This is definitely my ultimate favorite one. There's something about mint chapstick that I love and the fact that it's Nivea makes it even better. It smells great, doesn't taste that bad either, very smooth, actually moisturizes, and a plus for the tingling. Definitely recommend. October 28, 2012
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