A Kiss of Cherry Fruity Lip Care

Indulge in the sweetness of a Cherry Kiss.

  • Overview

    • This lip balm has a juicy Cherry formula with a fabulous red tint that helps lips look and feel beautiful.
    • Enriched with Shea Butter and Cherry Extract, this formula soothes and helps protect lips from dryness.
    • Long-lasting moisturization.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    A Kiss of Cherry Fruity Lip Care 3.1 5 32 32
    This stuff is awesome It makes your lips so soft and has just a hint of color to give a natual slightly glossy look. I highly recommend this product. December 18, 2013
    Great lip care for interviews and professional settings I highly recommend this product! It's a great tinted lip care for interviews and/or professional settings because it gives you a more settle/fresh look. December 17, 2013
    PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD FORMULA!!! Nivea this new formula is horrible it is sticky and gross. I REALLY LOVED THE old formula it gave a nice tint to my lips and it felt smooth, before I would buy two at a time now I am buying nothing because it is horrible. This new formula makes it seem like I just ate fried chicken or something my lips look greasy. Please bring back the old stuff!! September 18, 2013
    Love the lip color true cherry Its very light i like it it remind me and not like a intense moisturizer it more for like a pop of color with spf and some moisture more then enough to keep your lips moisturized and adds a lovely pinkish red to your lips even when its off so another plus it a good buy wouldnt recommend if you want moisture rich chapstick September 8, 2013
    nice color this lip balm is pretty and has a great colored tint that looks almost like a lipstick. although it can rub of easily, i do recommend this product! August 20, 2013
    Good Product for soft lips Good product which i've been using since 2006, however the old formula of this product was better than the new version as it had more cherry flavor, please bring back the old formula! August 6, 2013
    Bring back old formula The old formula was perfection in a tube. It had a wonderful, long-lasting texture. I'd swipe it on my lips once for a little color, several times for a darker red. I stopped wearing all other glosses and lipsticks, this was my go-to item. When my last tube ran out, I went to the drug store to stock up. I noticed the new packaging and got worried. I purchased a tube and tried it immediately. What a mess. What in the world possessed Nivea to completely change the old formula? Did you think we wouldn't notice? Why would you do this to your loyal customers?We're not talking subtle change here. The new formula has a slimy texture that doesn't last but a minute on my lips. There is hardly any "tint". But is has plenty of shimmer. Not good. Are you guys trying to market this product to tweens with this shimmer stuff? This is completely unfair that you would take such a great product and change it so drastically. I am very upset that I will no longer have my Kiss of Flavor. I will not buy this item or any other Nivea product until you bring the old formula back. I am obviously not the only person who feels this way. Just read all the other reviews. July 20, 2013
    Would like to get the old formula. It was a great product ... how could you change it. Please, please bring back the old formula. June 19, 2013
    Old Formula Kiss of Cherry Please, please, please bring back this product. I've looked everywhere for it and can't find it. I loved the tint on my lips - it was my GO TO product for lip care. When will we see it again! June 17, 2013
    Bring Back the Old Nivea I really miss the original formula for this. It left such a beautiful creamy red tint to my lips and it was my go-to daily basis product for years. Now, I cannot find it anywhere. I ordered on ebay & amazon thinking that it was the old version and now have 2 tubes of this terrible new formula which is thin, watery, shimmery and sheer. I really miss my old Nivea, and I am boycotting your brand until you bring back that old formula. I feel incomplete without it. June 6, 2013
    The old formula was much better. This new formula is too thin and slick and does not last at all. It also has shimmer now. Its a disappointment. The old formula was perfect. it was creamy and smooth and left a nice light red tint on my lips. I will not buy this product again until they change it back. May 16, 2013
    Not up to par like it once was. The old formula coated well without being sticky, stained my lips (!), lasted a long time on my lips and had a wonderful flavor. The newest stuff has NO staining abilities. I know that's not one of the selling points of this product, but the old formula did! The new stuff is thin, doesn't last long and doesn't taste good. It's a cherry scent more than a flavor like the old stuff. I'll be surfing ebay for the old stuff. You've lost a customer as soon as I cannot find the old formula anymore. March 21, 2013
    Miss the old formula! I've been using this product for years. I have a tube in every purse I own and converted my mom and several friends to this miracle lip color! I I recently bought a new tube was so disappointed that the formula changed. Before the colour was beautiful, visible, and long-lasting, while my lips felt smooth and moisturized. Now it barely has colour and I can feel the flecks of glitter -- they feel scratchy on my lips. It is not nearly as moisturizing as the old formula. After buying this for many years, I will not be purchasing this anymore. March 13, 2013
    Please, make the old version again I was soo in love with the old version of this lipbalm. A kiss of flavor. I went through more than 5 of them! Seriously, and I haven't been able to find it anywhere since last summer. I got this new one. It's too glossy and barely tints. I got it last summer and I'm still on the first one, and its not even close to being used up. The old version was so good and I don't see it on the site. I hope it comes back :| February 27, 2013
    A kiss of cherry My daughter and I love this product. It is the best. February 15, 2013
    Awesome product Iam in love with this product! My lips are super moisterized and I love the way it shines like a lip gloss! Oh yeah did I mention the beautiful tint of color January 22, 2013
    Best I've used Ever since using this, I can't be without it. I've used other brands that were good (and one that was terrible) but this beats them all. Being a girl, I do like the red tint. It's not as dense as lipstick but the color is buildable, and is a pink-based red so it looks great on any skintone and doesn't make your teeth look yellow (yay!) I like wearing it over red lipstick to add a boost of color and shine. I have a red stain that is terribly orange-based and makes my teeth look like lemons, but when I put this over it it balances it out and neutralizes all of that icky orange. It does give a nice shine, so you don't need a lipgloss, which is great if you're not a big fan of lipgloss. If you don't like the shine you can blot it lightly and it'll be gone, but the moisture will be locked in :) The richness is also buildable; one swipe is a super-sheer, hardly there tint with a light coat of moisture, but if you rub it back and forth it'll be a thick layer of richness and cherry red tint! Despite being tinted, I wear this to bed overnight to give even -more- moisture to my lips, and it does not stain my white pillowsheets whatsoever. Oh and one last thing, possibly one of the most important things- my boyfriend likes it. Or, rather, doesn't mind it. It doesn't pass on too much color when kissing and it has a pleasant cherry smell- however, it doesn't have a great taste. It doesn't taste bad, but not like cherries, either. To clarify, it doesn't taste like anything. Not like lipstick, but not like cherries- it's not flavored. Overall it's a great lipstick to kiss with :) So as you can see I loooooove this lip balm to death and I definitely recommend it :D November 14, 2012
    Yummy Lip Balm I love the smell of this lip balm. I don't like that it isn't as good at moisturizing as others and I also don't really like the red tint it adds to my lips. It's better than other brands that have cherry flavored lip balm, so I'd definitely buy again, but I think I'd rather use other Nivea lip balms that moisturizes better without the redish tint. October 23, 2012
    I liked the old version better This felt more like lip gloss and the old version really felt like it was actually locking in the moisture. September 5, 2012
    Love this :) I bought this weeks ago and I love it :) I love the color it gives, the smell, and the moisture. It lasts longer than I thought it would, and it doesn't wear off when I drink something. I had my sister try it and she loves it. She took it for the day, and texted me asking if she can have it so I gave it to her and I'm definitely going to buy another one. I have tried the kiss of shimmer radiant lip care..and it does have a lot of shimmer, but that's not "me" but I would recommend that one if you're looking for a more light-pinkish shimmer. August 11, 2012
    I love this product! My sister-in-law and I love this product! We've been using it so much! The only thing I don't like is how fast it wears off and that I can't find it in Florida I got it in North Carolina. August 8, 2012
    Love it! Thank you so much for the coupons I received in the mail today! I stopped by CVS and picked up my free A Kiss of Cherry Lip Balm. I'm already in love! It's silky smooth and I love the smell. I try a lot of lip balms and I can honestly say this one is the best by far. It just feels great as it glides across your lips. Thanks again for the opportunity to try your product and will be purchasing more in the future. July 27, 2012
    Healthy tint This stuff works really good you should definitely buy this if you want your lips to have a healthy red look. I'm a guy and use this to give my lips a healthy look just one swatch on my lips and I'm good. July 19, 2012
    mss i like this product is very good and i like so much..... February 25, 2012