A Kiss of Cherry Fruity Lip Care

Indulge in the sweetness of a Cherry Kiss.

  • Overview

    • This lip balm has a juicy Cherry formula with a fabulous red tint that helps lips look and feel beautiful.
    • Enriched with Shea Butter and Cherry Extract, this formula soothes and helps protect lips from dryness.
    • Long-lasting moisturization.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    A Kiss of Cherry Fruity Lip Care 3.1 5 32 32
    Fantastic! This lip balm is fabulous. The color is perfect, not too dark not too sheer. And it keeps my lips perfectly soft. October 21, 2014
    WHAT HAPPENED?!? The old formula was awesome - it was very moisturizing, the color was natural and attractive, and the texture was nice, not too waxy, not too sticky. I miss the old formula. This new formula, however... what happened? It's super oily! I can see rivers of oil on the sides of the tube when I retract the chapstick into the tube. "Long-lasting moisturization" - as long as you don't eat, drink, talk, or breathe. It has to be reapplied constantly; it's annoying. Thanks for the glitter, Nivea, but this new formula is very poor. I'm not going to buy it again unless you switch it back to the old formula. September 11, 2014
    PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD FORMULA!!! I've used this product until they changed the formula and there is no more SPF which I feel is a necessity and now i have to use another tinted lip balm which has SPF but isn't as great as your cherry lip balm with SPF so please, we urge you to BRING BACK THE OLD CHERRY LIP BALM WITH SPF thankyouuu!! September 8, 2014
    THE OLD VERSION WAS MUCH BETTER!!! The old version of this product was the best i have ever tried. It left a beautiful tint of red which was not too shimmery, unlike the new formula. Hydration of old formula was perfect and remained locked in for hours. After driving to about 6 different drugstores I searched online desperate to buy more...only to find out there was a new formula. I am heart broken. whyyyyyyy Nivea whyyyy!! never buying nivea products again until old formula returns. I have a couple of swipes left in my old tube which i will preserve for emergencies :,( September 6, 2014
    Inferior to Old Formula and Product! Why mess with a good product?! This cherry lip balm used to be in a smaller container and has SPF 10. The color and flavor was more intense. It was my favorite lip balm before they changed the formula and the look and feel of the product. I used to stock up on this product and give it to family and friends. Not anymore. Please bring back the old formula! Thank you. August 29, 2014
    Old Formula was Outstanding I've been using this product for over 5 years, but I'm going to have to give the new Kiss of Cherry 4 stars only because it doesn't have the SPF. I'm outside a lot and I get freckles on my lips, so the SPF was very important to me. I absolutely loved the older lip care formula of this because I really liked that it had SPF, a hint of color, moisturized my lips for hours, and just enough shine. I'd rate the old one with 5 stars and highly recommended. Hope Nivea takes this review into a little consideration for their next products. May 12, 2014
    The best lip product they have I love this one but it is very hard to find in stores -- wish they would promote it more. I has just a hint of color which I love. April 16, 2014
    Please bring back the old formula In the past few months I haven't been able to find the old formula for this that contains SPF. Please bring this one back! I will not be purchasing the new formula again. April 8, 2014
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