A Kiss of Shimmer Radiant Lip Care

Sparkle with the radiance of a Shimmer Kiss.

  • Overview

    • Shimmer Lip Care enhances the natural beauty of lips.
    • Enriched with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, it keep lips soft, smooth and kissable.
    • Long-lasting moisturization.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    A Kiss of Shimmer Radiant Lip Care 4.3 5 28 28
    LOVE IT!!! This is the best product I have used! Love this, but been upset since not being able to find it at my local stores anymore. Hope they start carrying it again! Can't get enough of it!!! December 9, 2013
    Okay chapstick I finally decided to buy this product after looking at the liptips page on instagram and how highly they recommeded all the nivea products. So once I found it at my local target I could not wait to try it. Overall It wasn't really a wow product. At first it left a cruel aftertaste of wax in my mouth but then didn't about a minute later so that was good. It's not really that smooth at first so I found myself rubbing my lips together to get a better smooth gloss. But it looks pretty on my lips overall. June 15, 2013
    I love it! I live in South Africa, and was bought this Nivea "a kiss of Shimmer lip care. I have searched almost every store, but to no avail I cant find it anywhere. Can you please assist and let me know who your stockists are in South Africa or if i can buy direct and have it shipped. May 20, 2013
    it's okay :/ well, at first I loved it. then, after a while the shimmers just left a residue that wasn't enjoyable to the feel when you rubbed your lips together. and I feel like I am a 7 year old when I put on things that are shiny on my lips. March 8, 2013
    I love this! This is the best lip product that I found that I will use to hydrate my lips! I love the pink shimmer it adds to my lips too! Sometimes I like to go without lipstick and/or lip gloss. This is the perfect product that adds just a little hint of color. Thank-you, Nivea! February 17, 2013
    beautiful look... great feel A Kiss of Shimmer has a soft pink color that looks beautiful and natural and feels so luxurious on my lips. It gives me the look of a gloss without the stickiness. What a fantastic product! February 13, 2013
    Loved the old one. Hate the new one! Loved the old product. Hate it since it was "redone". Smells and tastes awful. And doesn't last. February 12, 2013
    Great I usually dab on this product before and after I put on red lipstick, it keeps my lips moisturized and it keeps them shimmering throughout my work day, I reapply once or twice again throughout the day depending on how much lipstick has come off while eating or drinking. It is sincerely an excellent product, I use it when I'm going out without lipstick also and it gives you the shine that you want and it hydrates. January 4, 2013
    Cute color and feels perfect - one of my faves ! Love the shimmery pink shade of this stick. Goes on smooth and smells nice too. My lips feel great when it's on and very moisturized even after it's off. It could last a bit longer -why I gave a 4, but I'm using most of the time now rather than a gloss or lipstick. December 12, 2012
    LOVE THIS Best lip care product EVER..not just does it moisturize my lips..the color is amazing :)...i love you nivea December 12, 2012
    Shimmer and Moisture in Harmony I love this shimmery moisture stick. It smells really yummy, too. I had read about this in a fashion magazine and was it on sale at my grocery store. I bought two - one for my handbag and the other for my gym bag. December 7, 2012
    I love this lipstick! Unlike other lip balms, this stuff feels very soothing and creamy. Some chapsticks actually make my lips peel after use, but this Nivea product has a hint of light pink shimmer, and leaves my lips feeling protected and soothed. November 24, 2012
    Love The Shimmer Hate The Feel I love the shimmer and color of this lip balm. It was my first Nivea lip balm I tried. I really like that it gave just a hint of color and shimmer and I use it like a lipstick! However, it does dry up very quickly and I feel like I have to reapply every 10 minutes. I still would recommend to anyone who wants just a touch of shimmer. I carry it in my purse everywhere I go! October 23, 2012
    One of my favorites I love this product, however, it dries up very quickly. Like 10 minutes quickly. Other than that, it provides a nice glow and natural shimmer to lips that other products just cannot do. Good job nivea! October 9, 2012
    Love it! Since I discovered this stuff, it's my go-to lip moisturizer! I work in surgery all week and I can't wear much make-up, so I keep it in my pocket all day! It keeps my lips moisturized and gives them a subtle sparkle! I wouldn't leave home without it!! September 28, 2012
    My favorite The best chapstick out there! A girl needs a good chapstick and this is it! September 26, 2012
    a kiss of shimmer radiant lip care spf10 i love the shimmered color of a light pink color i very much like it and it nice to have a lip product that protects your lips instead of burning them and for a really good price too thanks alot :) July 28, 2012
    Not So Good... It's pretty and smells nice, but each time I use this product it tingles and then it burns my lips and chaps them. After a few minutes I have to wash it off. I don't know what is in this product that makes it burn, but I've never had this reaction with any other brand of lip care product. I guess I am disappointed because this was my first time trying a Nivea product and I expected better based on the price and reviews. July 23, 2012
    So far so good I just got this today so that's why i'm giving it a 4...leaving room to increase or decrease stars. I love it so far because it stays on for a while and is quite light and smells oh so good!!! June 26, 2012
    Kisses I love this product it last quite a while makes my lips shiny and shimmery May 21, 2012