Skin Firming Gel-Cream with Q10 enriched formula

Use NIVEA Skin Firming Gel-Cream to improve the skin's firmness in as little as two weeks.

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  • Overview

    NIVEA Skin Firming Gel-Cream is formulated and enriched with Q10, Natural Lotus extract and L-Carnitine. Use regularly to smooth and tone the skin and to improve its firmness in as little as two weeks.

  • How to apply

    Smooth twice daily onto thighs, buttocks, and stomach. Also try NIVEA Skin Firming Body Lotion for long-lasting moisture.

  • Ingredients

    Note: Ingredients listed are based on the most current information available. Please refer to actual product packaging as formulations may change. If you have questions regarding a product or its ingredients, please contact us for more information.

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