Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs (Medium to Dark)

Gradual Tan Moisturizer

Gives legs an irresistable natural looking tan while minimizing the need to shave so often.

  • Overview

    Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs 24-hour moisturizing formula with a hint of gradual tanner, builds a natural looking tan with everyday use, and makes hair look less noticeable. When you shave less often, the tanning effect lasts even longer – for year-round beautiful, well cared for legs!

    • For medium to dark skin

    Available in size(s): 6.8 fl. oz.

  • How to apply

    For best results, smooth evenly onto your legs daily and allow to dry before dressing. Wash hands after application.

    Warning: This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of skin aging, skin cancer and other harmful effects to the skin, even if you do not burn. 

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs (Medium to Dark) 3.8 5 8 8
    horrible I agree with Buns, this product turned my legs a striped orange color and yes I smoothed it on properly. I have orange spots and stripes all over my legs and now I need to try and fix it before a special occasion I have to attend this weekend. Will not be buying anymore Nivea products. June 24, 2014
    Superb product! I've used a LOT of self tanners over the years but this product not only provides and even, natural looking tan but the softness of my skin after applying is amazing! It goes on better than any other I have used and has a natural looking effect. After a few applications I noticed that my hair on my legs was less noticeable, somewhat finer looking and it took longer for it to grow out. Don't know how you do it Nivea but I'm definitly a lifetime user of this product. My question is since I don't use a self tanner during the winter months, which product comes closest to this to provide me with the softness and minimal shaving as the sun kissed legs in a regular lotion to use in the winter months? Thanks Nivea for a great product!!! March 29, 2014
    Nivia for Legs works great! Love this product and the Sun Kissed lotion as well! Skin looks naturally tanned and feels so soft! Its the best product I have ever used! June 27, 2013
    this stuff is a great This lotion has worked great for me . Even my friends and family have notice.501 June 21, 2013
    Amazing Product Just Difficult To Find In Stores. I've been using this product since it first came out and I LOVE it. For me it actually does minimize my need for shaving. I love this product so much it's just disappointing that I'm never able to find it anywhere but Walmart and the closest one is semi far from where I live. Over all though a good product that does what it says. December 27, 2012
    Love it! This product may not do much to minimize shaving BUT it is fabulous for producing a very natural looking, even colored tan on my legs. It dries fast, feels silky smooth, and does a good job at moisturizing too. I buy it for the moisture and the tan. October 31, 2012
    THIS IS AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT! I have used this product for years now. I used to have very dark, coarse leg hair. After using this lotion for several months, I noticed a reduction in hair. Now after years of use, I have minimal hair and I love it! I am very careful applying it and rub it in well. Then I wipe off the areas that grab the tan the most--top of foot, ankles, knees. I have never experienced the problems the other lady had. I have a difficult time finding this lotion in the stores and have to order it on line. Please do not stop producing this wonderful product!!! Sharon July 11, 2012
    I would not buy this product again and will be taking it back to the store to tell them not to sell it. The lotion itself is very nice but the "color" it puts on your legs builds up in spot of orange all over and yes, I did smooth it all over. I would consider relooking at the product to see what's going on with it. It was a waste of $8. Please send me an $8 coupon so I can find another Nivea product to purchase. June 30, 2012
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