Touch of Renewal

Experience this unmatched balance of exfoliation, gentle cleansing and moisturizing lather to leave your skin feeling healthy and beautiful with no greasy feel.

  • Overview

    • New NIVEA TOUCH OF RENEWAL Lathering Body Scrub refines your skin for irresisitbly soft, radiant skin every day.
    •  The smoothing formula with Micro Peeling particles and Vitamin E pearls work together to gently exfoliate and reveal silky smooth, glowing skin.
    • Developed with NIVEA's breakthrough HYDRA IQ Technology to provide your skin with intense, long-lasting moisturization throughout the day.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Touch of Renewal 4.8 5 77 77
    great body wash Using this product make me love my skin more and more. it makes my skin so soft and i feel so clean. I been using Nivea products for years and theres no other brand that can replace it. The touch of renewal works great for me, leaving my skin so soft and I never felt this clean before.. Thanks Nivea for the awesome products... NIVEA ROCKS :) September 26, 2013
    soft skin i like it because it makes my skin feel a lot better after using it. i like something i can use where ever i want. September 26, 2013
    soft n nice i like to be able to exfoliate my knees and elbows also. this works really good on dry skin. September 26, 2013
    scrub away the day.... At the end of the day I'm tired and all I want to do is take a relaxing shower and scrub the day away. Now, with Nivea's amazing "Touch of Renewal," I feel refreshed when I get out of the shower and have the softest skin to boot! Nivea has created a product that not only scrubs away dull, dingy, skin, but also scrubs away a horrible day; that's a first for a body wash company! September 26, 2013
    soft skin I love it. it made my skin so soft. I would recommend it to everyone. September 26, 2013
    AWESOME! I LOVED this product and the fact that it had the exfoliating in it. Its a 2 in 1 body wash and that is always good to have! September 26, 2013
    soft skin i really like nivea . it's a good product, both for cleaning and moisturizing the skin. September 26, 2013
    Touch of Renewal Really great product for entire using a scrub on my face, chest, and back....not too feminine scented so OK for guys as well September 26, 2013
    soft skin i love nivea products. if i could use a cleanser and a lotion on the same day my skin would be very soft indeed. September 26, 2013
    Nivea Touch Of Renewal The name pretty much says it all!No lack of exfoliating with this product!There is lots of lather and exfoliants and my skin felt so wonderful afterwards!I am a huge fan of Nivea and an even bigger fan of Touch Of Renewal!I absolutely recommend this to anyone,but especially if you are looking for something to deep clean. September 26, 2013
    Best I've ever used! I absolutely LOVE Nivea Touch of Renewal! After using this body wash I feel pampered. It seemed to exfoliate my skin and make it incredibly smooth. I am HOOKED!! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. I will continue buying this. Amazing!! September 26, 2013
    soft skin nivea is a great product to have at home for all your needs. they have cleansing and moisture solutions. September 26, 2013
    Touch of Renewal I loved this soap!!! if I could I would use this only for the rest of my life! I loved the way it felt on my skin, My skin was so soft after using this.! I rate this the best of the year product!!! :) September 26, 2013
    best body wash Love, love, love this body wash! I thought the other nivea bodywash was good but this was great! Made my skin feel soft. Love the microbeads. September 26, 2013
    AMAZING REWENAL left me feeling fresh and the sent smelt amazing. I love all Nivea's products there amazing. September 26, 2013
    My favorite I liked all of the Nivea bath products I tried, but the scrub was my favorite. I loved the feel of the exfoliating beads. September 26, 2013
    Renewal Renewed How awesome is the scent as it floats on puffs of warm moist air to your nose? I smell the ocean and fresh air while I showered. I really loved the softness of my skin too :) September 26, 2013
    Love this! I love this body wash. The scrubbing beads feel so good! My skin feels soft and exfoliated after my shower even works great on rough feet! Can't wait for my next shower!! September 26, 2013
    great feeling love this product smells great made my skin feel so clean and soft September 26, 2013
    My favorite shower pleasure Touch of renewal it amazing body scrub for my body and soul.I like this very much. It has very plasent smell and consistence. My skin become so soft and silky that I love to hug myself everytime after shower))) September 26, 2013
    Felt Renewed! Love this product. It made my skin feel soft as a baby. Exfoliates so well! September 26, 2013
    Touch of Renewal I love this one! Smells soo good! My kids love the smell too! September 26, 2013
    smooth and silky I enjoyed all three, Renwal won hands up made my skin smooth and silky refreshed Thank You September 26, 2013
    Silky Skin I loved NIVEA Touch of RENEWAL. It was gentle on my skin and rinsed clean, made me feel like I had received a spa treatment. Love the fresh clean smell also. All NIVEA products are quality and pampering. THANK YOU NIVEA!!!! September 26, 2013
    Giving An Absolutely Fresh Feeling All Over Nivea's Touch Of Renewal is an exceptional body wash. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and moisturized that it feels as if I won't even need a lotion afterwards. The little scrubbing particles are very gentle but very effective. This product smells great too. Although I love all the Nivea Touch Of products this one is my favorite by far. September 26, 2013
    awesome I love it.It smells great!Not like some other products that dont,makes ur skin feel smooth,and great.I have used ur products before and I asboulty enjoy them!thanks for letting me try ur products! September 26, 2013
    Renewal I really like this prouduct but lets face it I liked them all September 24, 2013
    I'd buy it It has a nice feel on my skin and the scent is not too strong. September 24, 2013
    My skin is renewed! I just love the Touch of Renewal body scrub. After a long hot summer of tanning my skin is dry and peeling. The body scrub gently exfoliates my skin, leaving it smooth, moist and healthy looking. I love the fresh clean scent, not overly perfumed like some body scrubs. I leave my shower feeling refreshed and pampered. Thank you for this excellent product! September 24, 2013
    OOOH so Good Love this product. Refreshing and great to get rid of the dry skin. September 24, 2013
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