Body Creme

The iconic moisturizer for every skin type and during all seasons.

  • Overview

    The original NIVEA Creme. A rich, creamy moisturizer that smoothes and softens every inch of skin. An intensive moisturizing solution for extremely dry skin. Can be used all over the body, and best for rough spots such as knees, feet, elbows and hands.

    Available in size(s): 1oz tin, 2oz tube and 6.8oz jar

  • How to apply

    Smooth creme over body daily.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    NIVEA Creme 4.8 5 91 91
    must have I have struggled with dry skin all my life. I kept trying different lotions but they did not work. I was randomly shopping for a hand lotion that was easy to carry around and came across Nivea Creme. It is the one product I can use on my skin that actually keeps it moisturized without re-applying constantly. It is thick which I like because I associate that with better quality. I hate lotions or "moisturizers" that are watery. Overall it is a great product and I use it everyday. November 27, 2012
    Amazing!!! I have been using this product since my childhood, around 5 years old. All I can say is that this creme is amazing!!! I'm 17 now and I don't think there is any other creme other there like this one. It moisturizes my skin and it doesn't clog my pores. It's perfect. I don't use any makeup at all, this is all I use and my skin is left smooth and super soft. Love it! I recommend it to anyone out there, male or female. October 22, 2012
    Truly the best product ever I have bought probably 10 of the travel sized tins, one in my backpack, one in a few of my purses, makeup bags, travel bags, by my bedside table, on my vanity, and not to mention, the big tub on my sink. Truly this is wonderful. I suffer from severe dry skin, well close to severe, and my skin is gorgeous and quenched after this product. I hope you never discontinue the smaller size as well as the large one. I cannot say enough good things about this. Smells great, feels great, absorbs in quickly, and keeps you moisturized and beautiful all day. My skin has never looked or felt better. I have yet to try the Soft creme and I will never stop using this stuff, it's great! Thank you so much Nivea. October 21, 2012
    Yes, Excellent I have been using this product for a long time as a face cream for my normal-to-dry skin. Even if I try other facial creams I always return to this cream and give up all others, no matter how expensive they are, the Nivea Creme is the best and none works like it. It defenately reduces wrinkles, dryness, protects and refreshes your skin. This cream is just perfect to me. October 19, 2012
    Best face cream I have used This is best face cream I used, I have been using it since my childhood, as my mother use it as well. Makes skin really healthy and smooth. This is the cream that does not give me acne or pimple. Thank you for reading. September 30, 2012
    BEST MOISTURIZER I have been using this as my night time moisturizer for years and I will never use anything else. I am 53 years old and people consistently guess my age as being iin my 30's or younger. I have no wrinkles around my eyes or mouth and I attribute this to using the nivea. I think that it is best used at night because of its consistency but you should use a daytime moisturizer that has an SPF anyway. It is also very cost effective. I will buy the big 13.5 ounce jar and it will last for more than 2 years( I was curious once so I put a dated sticker on the bottom with the date I first started using the jar) and it was over 2 years before I used the last of it. This is an old school cream that does not contain all the bells and whistles that other high end expensive moisturizers may have in them but as far as I am concerned this simple cream beats them all hands down September 10, 2012
    family tradition My own mother has used nivea for as long as i can remember. When i was a little girl i would watch her use nivea on her skin befor she went to bed . I am 41 years old and i now use nivea creme and lotion as my daily moisture routine. September 5, 2012
    Love this buttery lotion! I live in the desert and need extra moisture for my skin. Love, love, love! August 7, 2012
    Good basic all around cream I like this product, it's a classic. I love the smooth, thick, creamy white texture and look of it, love the classic scent. It's great in winter when my sensitive skin chaps easier and also in summer after sun. It is nice and thick, but I don't find it greasy. My T-Zone is a bit oily, so I don't use it around there. It's great for rough elbows, feet and heels and pretty much anywhere. I know of some people who use it on baby's faces in winter to prevent chapping. August 7, 2012
    This product has uniqueness as it not only moisturizes it firms the skin I have used one product for 36 yrs. I have always gotten complements on my age as I feel this has really helped me hide it. Lately I notice I am getting the crows feet and wrinkles on forehead and creases around my mouth, as this product is no longer working. I have tried numerous products and nothing worked. I just happened to pick up the little dollar sample of Nivea Cream and applied it after showers on face, neck and feet. After several uses I noticed immediate tightness in my skin with radiant look. I look better than ever for my age. I am so happy that I bought that sample. I will use this forever. August 3, 2012
    Very Good!! I love this product. The creme has my hands feeling so soft. I have bad dry skin and this keeps them moisturized. A little really does go a long way. August 2, 2012
    absolutely luscious this product is soo amazing for the skin as it moustirises evry part you desire. my mom uses it and brought me a tub and it is awesome... i definitely think its good to use after a shower as it leaves you feeling amazing. ;) August 2, 2012
    Great! Great on my always dry and irritated lips,,,just love it! August 1, 2012
    AWESOME After nightly shower I will rub both feet with Nivea cream and put on some fuzzy socks or just a pair of low profile socks to sleep or no less than 1 hour afterwards..helps keep my feet moisturized and feeling smooth and looking good July 21, 2012
    best! i've used it since the 1950's,its a daily for me!,thanks July 16, 2012
    Simply the best No-nonsense good absorbing creme for all day use. Good for aftershaving or having had a sunny day on the water (life in the Caribbean can be hard). Just using this creme for "ages" and still the same feeling and result without changes!!! Honestly the best. July 16, 2012
    keeps the wrinkles away love this cream i grew up in europe and my mom used it for everything on your face body, when i moved to the us i continued using it, its consistency is kinda thick but the cream gets quickly absorbed it is not that expensive and it works well July 16, 2012
    My go-to product Love, love, love this cream. I use it on my face and have no wrinkles in sight. It is a famliy thing to use this product. My Grandmother used it, so did my mom and her sisters. All have great skin, which I associate with the product. Now it is my turn and one day, it will be my daugther if I have one! July 5, 2012
    One of the best moisturizers I've ever used Been using since this for more than 20 yrs. Love it June 29, 2012
    Not too sure about this one... I purchased some Nivea lotion that had a sample tin of the Nivea Creme. I am happy I didn't pay out of pocket for the creme. I love that it is very thick, but the thickness can make it annoying to rub into certain areas. Also, I have dry skin and this creme left my skin looking extremely oily. I'm not too sure what to think about this. I still have more than half that small tin left because I hate the oily residue it leaves on my skin. I'm just going to stick with the lotion. It's awesome and works better for me. :) June 22, 2012
    Classic and useful But why can't we buy the tin in the USA? I'm sure it would be a hit. June 20, 2012
    Love this Creme I absolutely love this product. As a kid I lived in Iran and that's where I first started using this cream. When I came back to the U.S. 5 years later, I couldn't find this product anywhere. As a matter of fact, no one had even heard of it!!! I was so excited to finally see it sold in stores in the U.S. many years later! Thanks NIVEA for such a wonderful product! April 24, 2012
    mss i feel well with this product i like because is a good cream February 25, 2012
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