Body Creme

The iconic moisturizer for every skin type and during all seasons.

  • Overview

    The original NIVEA Creme. A rich, creamy moisturizer that smoothes and softens every inch of skin. An intensive moisturizing solution for extremely dry skin. Can be used all over the body, and best for rough spots such as knees, feet, elbows and hands.

    Available in size(s): 1oz tin, 2oz tube and 6.8oz jar

  • How to apply

    Smooth creme over body daily.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    NIVEA Creme 4.8 5 91 91
    I love it!!! I love Nivea .. Great for body and hands .. This product has great features June 12, 2013
    Choose Nivea Creme because you deserve the very best! You deserve the best and Nivea Creme is by far the BEST skin care product I have ever used! It smooths the roughest, driest skin with ease. It smooths over normal to dry skin equally well leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth, never greasy. The light scent is just perfect, feminine, relaxing, and not over powering, I highly recommend this product to every woman who wants to feel good, look good and pamper herself. June 4, 2013
    NIVEA Creme Very good product. I take with pleasure. I recommend. May 18, 2013
    Excelent Perfect cream for hands. I use it from many years and I love the scent! May 17, 2013
    The only hand cream that works I used to hate using lotion. I would just let my hands get dry and ashy. This stuff isn't oily and it absorbs quickly. And you don't need to use much of it or have to keep reapplying! April 30, 2013
    Magic Creme! This is the most amazing skin product i've ever bought! I'm a barista, and with all of the chemicals, handwashing and dishswashing that we have to do, I have the most dry, cracking hands and cuticles. I started buying the travel sized tins, and now i have one in every purse i own, my bathroom, vanity, car- you name it. I cant go anywhere without it, it smells amazing, thick but still completely absorbant, doesnt get oily on the hands .. etc. plus with the little tins being only 1.29, its the most affordable creme ive ever bought. April 29, 2013
    One of the Few Good Things to Come of my Impulsive Shopping Habits One of the tiny, travel-sized tins caught my eye back in December as I was getting ready to go on a trip to see a friend in Texas. I tossed it in the cart on the way to check-out and off I went. When I got to the car, I opened it up quickly to look at it. The first thing I noticed was the smell- I thought it smelled great! Fresh, clean, sort of powdery- I loved it! The next thing I noticed was how thick it was. It seemed to be a problem at first, but I warmed it in my hands a bit and got it to spread with no problem. Now I'm totally used to it, and I actually like it because it doesn't feel slimy like other lotions tend to. I used it on my hands, arms, legs, face (only my cheeks, though- I have combination skin, and I feel that it would be too rich for any other parts of my face).. Practically everywhere. It worked great and made my skin feel baby-soft. Last week I was at the store, and I spotted one of the bigger jars, and I snatched it up immediately. I like to put it everywhere after I bathe at night- extra thick on my feet, knees and elbows- throw on some socks and go to sleep. My skin feels so nice when I wake up every morning, and it's only been getting better. I'd also like to note that I have Psoriasis, and that this does help a lot to combat the symptoms of that. This product is such a great price for what it does- it's definitely worth every penny and then some. Thank you, Nivea! April 24, 2013
    Best Moisturizer Ever I have EXTREMELY dry, itchy legs and not just in the winter time. I bought Nivea creme based on all the great reviews and IT IS AMAZING! it is the first lotion that is rich enough to help my dry itchy legs! I bought the small container to start and already finished it! Now I have the large one and I love it :) April 23, 2013
    keeping mom young at 91 My mom just celebrated her 91st birthday. She is a beautiful lady with almost flawless skin. Everyone coments on how young she looks, how beautiful she remains into her 90's and how amost flawless her skin is. The only product she has used for as long as I can remember is Nivea Creme. She is convinced that her lack of wrinkles is directly related to her daily moisturizing for 70 plus years. So, we thank you April 14, 2013
    Amazing! I bought a trial tube of this to go on vacation to the desert with me since I couldn't find a small size of the lotion I usually use. In two days of using the Nivea however, my skin already felt better than it had in years. I will definitely be buying this exclusively in the future. March 27, 2013
    Cool I'm 16 and i'm using this for my oily and problematic skin. I have pimples, too, and when i put this cream, 1 hour later, the redness goes away and my skin is smoother. March 27, 2013
    nivea creme my husband just loves this prodict . he has been using this product more than three years. his skin is now super smooth. even harsh winter has to give up against the nivea cream. Thats the magic of this cream March 21, 2013
    The BEST results on my hands! I am a Licensed Nurses Assistant and my hands hate my work. I always wash them of course and use gloves constantly. Whatever the case may be for the terrible irritation, I have Nivea Creme to REALLY, REALLY work!!!! Yay!!!! Yipeee! Yes, I am THAT excited. My hands were itchy and chaffed. It was awful. Now I only wish I could get Nivea Creme in a large container. The tube I buy at Walmart for a buck is a steal though! Anyone know if there is a larger size tube out there? It's very handy to take to work and put in my pocket. Thanks Nivea Creme for working. :) March 19, 2013
    HOLY GRAIL. My skin gets incredibly dry in the winter months and it can also get uncomfortably tight. This cream has such a thick texture, it spreads over my skin easily and hydrates perfectly. I use it on my hands, arms and neck. I love this stuff so much, I bulk buy it. 4 jars at a time! March 15, 2013
    Wow! I finally found it! I simply can't live without this product. My heels are typically very dry throughout the year and often crack. After using this product daily, my heels are smooth, soft, and happy. And to top it off, my skin isn't sticky or greasy. Nivea absorbs and feels great. I can't believe I finally found a product that works...I think I have tried every product on the market. I guess that means I can stop looking! March 9, 2013
    Leaves my skin super soft During the winter time, my hands get so rough and dry. I have tried all kinds of lotions and cremes, and they just don't work, I would still have irritated, chapped skin. Nivea Creme has changed all that, after the first use, my skin felt so soft and smooth and best of all, no irritation, there is a remarkable difference in how my hands look and feel. I will never use another lotion again, thank you for this wonderful product, February 26, 2013
    Best Skin care ever I received a gift box for christmas, from a co-worker... lots of Nivea products. I had never used these products. I just opened it 1 week ago... and I am soooooo impressed. The skin creme is absolutely the best I've ever used!!! I've used many expensive cremes & lotions on my face , but this is without a doubt, the best ever!! Highly recommend this product!!!! I introduced the lipcare to my 16yr old grandaughter.. and she loves it!! I plan on buying her the skin care creme as well. I plan to NEVER run out of this product!!! If you've never used it, you're in for a real treat. I use it alone, and under my makeup. INCREDIBLE !!!! 1 week and my skin hasn't looked this good in 20 years!!!! Give it a try... inexpensive.. you'll be so pleased! February 22, 2013
    novia cream is great for my surgical scars in 2012 I had 3 surgeries with four surgical sites. The sites scarred over, leaving sensitive hard scars. Being new, these scars are very sensitive to anything I apply to my skin. Nivea creme has helped to gently soften the Scars without irritation. February 19, 2013
    The real healer My husband works at a vet clinic and his hands in the winter are as rough as my heels. I only have to put the Nivea creme on his hands before going to bed for a couple nights and they got a lot better. The palm areas are noticeably soften and the finger tips are healed. He used to not like putting on lotion or cream but it works so well that now and then he would ask me to massage his palm with Nivea. For me I have been using it since I was.... 10 and lived in Thailand. Now that I'm 40 and live in USA, how about a 30 years royal customer? February 17, 2013
    Return to the glow My first experience with nivea products was in 1979 in germany as a young man. I had issues with shaving on my neck with raw skin. I began using Nivea at that time and it worked wonders on my face and neck. Nivea is my product of chioce, and to this day i still use Nivea cream on my face and Nivea lotion and have never used anything else. February 14, 2013
    This is the BEST moisture cream made This is the best #1 moisture cream ever made. I have been using it nightly on my hands (use gloves and keep on all night ). It works. I have my hands constantly in water (dishes, cleaning). This is the only product that keeps my hands soft, no rough patches. Get some in expensive gloves, slather on this cream every night, you will notice the difference. I have tried every known cream out on the mass market and this is the only cream that has worked. February 9, 2013
    The best I have been using this cream for as long as I can remember. It's simply the best. I am a few months shy of 40, and everyone is stunned when I tell them my age. Just yesterday I was guessed to be 23. It's true, I look younger than most girls in their 20s...sad in a way. I think the cream is a huge part of it. I use it on my kids' sensitive skin, as well as under my make up. I love this product. The smell is great, February 5, 2013
    Simply the best and all the generations in my family say so! The best cream on the market. I was introduced to Nivea cream when my grandmother used it-- in the 1950's. I have used it for 58 years and still request jars for birthdays and Christmas. Any one who knows me and wants to do a favor for me brings a jar. Thanks for this great product in a blue jar. I depend upon it and feel exceedingly crabby when I run out. There is no substitute! February 3, 2013
    Nothing else comes close. My parents applied this wonderful creme to my face daily since I was a born. I haven't gone a day without applying Nivea since. My skin looks and feels great. I'm a 35 year old male and people always guess I'm in my mid 20's. My parents have used Nivea for or 40 years (they are in their mid 60's) and often people assume they are much younger due to their great skin. I've now introduced Nivea to my wife and she has since stopped using all her other 'designer' cremes. No other creme does for me what Nivea does. All other cremes feel too watery and don't provide that soothing feeling I get from applying Nivea. I use it morning and night. It lasts for hours! Thank you Nivea. January 31, 2013
    One in a life time cream My relationship with Nivea cream began 10 years ago...and still going strong. It is the night and shining armor for my skin. Leaving it well hydrated and with a healthy glowing look, everyone always asks me what I use. I don't hesitate to tell them my secret. It has definitely lived up to my standards. Thank you Nivea....your devotee, Ro January 30, 2013
    Full moisture I am a 16 year old boy on accutane. Taking this medication causes my skin to dry up to clear my acne. it makes me so dry and i've so much trouble finding the right creme. This creme goes on easily, lasts a long time, and gives me full moisture for my skin. my skin ends up feeling soft. it smells good too. January 29, 2013
    I promise you will never regret this! This is the most amazing creme I have ever used in my whole life, It will leave your skin glowing and beautiful, clean/clear and natural. YOU DON'T EVEN NEED MAKE UP!! This creme feels rich and amazing on my skin, it makes your skin soft and AHHHHHHHHHHH I JUST LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! Proof that this product is amazing: One of the most famous significant beauty icons of all time used this creme every day, Marilyn Monroe!!! If that don't prove anything than I don't know what else to say. January 26, 2013
    LoVe tHiS!!!!! I cant say it enough...I Love this product. I hope they never discontinue this. I use it for my face and it is the only moisturizer/lotion that dont clog my pores! I even use it under my makeup. Perfect!!! Im 24 and people say my skin looks smooth and glows:) thanks nivea!!!! January 11, 2013
    THIS CREME IS AMAZING I love this creme it is nice and rich and it is so good on the skin i use it after a bath or a shower and it goes on so good i use it on my feet and then put on socks after i put this creme i would tell friends and family abot this creme. December 23, 2012
    I love Nivea Creme! I have been using Nivea Creme on my face for approximately 40 years. It is a wonderful product and is so good for my skin. I am 60 years old and have a smooth, clear complexion with only two very tiny wrinkles in the "smile area". I owe this youthful look to Nivea Creme. Most people think I am in my mid to late 40's. And my smooth complexion is not a matter of having good genes; I look much younger than my older and younger sisters, who did not use Nivea. I am frequently told that I have a lovely complexion and asked what product I use. I always sing the praises of Nivea Creme. Thank you for this wonderful product. December 4, 2012
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